How much does a liter of gasoline and a liter of diesel cost in Germany?

This portal covers the fuel prices of more than 14,000 German gas stations in real time. Our partner website "" which is linked to the official transparency office for fuel prices serves as a data provider. This agency is operated by the German cartel office with headquarters in Bonn.

Are you planning a vacation in Germany, a business trip in Germany or are you just going to be in transit?
Germany is a crazy country. You are probably used to the fact that prices at a gas station change only every few days. In Germany it is completely different. Prices change up to 15 times a day and price fluctuations of up to 20 cents are not strange. You can have a cheap refuel in the late afternoon and in the early evening hours between 4 and 8 pm. In addition, the prices vary widely from region to region.
Small tip: Avoid large gas stations like ARAL, SHELL or ESSO. At these gas stations, you usually pay about 2-3 Eurocent more per liter.


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