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Fuel and Diesel prices in Germany

How much does a liter of gasoline and a liter of diesel cost in Germany?

Are you planning a vacation in Germany, a business trip in Germany or are you just going to be in transit? This portal covers the fuel prices of almost 15,000 German gas stations in real time. If you are staying in Germany or are near the German border, you can use our location function to get price information about gas stations that are in your radius. Alternatively, you can search for a city or zip code. Please note however, that you must use the German spelling if you are looking for a city or a place.

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Unleaded Unleaded E10 Diesel

Germany is a crazy country. You are probably used to the fact that petrol station prices change every few days. In Germany, this is completely different - up to 20 price changes a day are absolutely normal here - at each individual gas station. So it is quite possible that you pay significantly less money for a tank filling in the evening than you paid early in the morning. Basically: In Germany the petrol prices fluctuate several times a day, differences up to 25 Eurocent per liter are not excluded.
On our website you can check the current prices of almost all German petrol stations in real time. We currently have almost 15,000 petrol stations in our database. All prices are received from an official and state registration office (Bundeskartellamt - Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe).

Unfortunately, you cannot tell exactly at what time you can refuel in Germany. However, it can be noted that you should prefer to refuel in the evening (between 4pm and 9pm). Extremely high prices are usually paid at night and early morning. On German motorways, gasoline and diesel are always expensive.
Furthermore, there are many petrol stations run by large corporations (Shell, Aral/BP, Esso/ExxonMobil, ...). As a result, you always pay a little more money at these petrol stations than at small petrol stations.

Germany is popular, as there is no tempolimit on motorways. However, you should keep in mind that fast driving dramatically increases fuel consumption. If one considers the relatively high fuel costs in Germany, the joy of the "Deutsche Autobahn" can quickly pass away.